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Bra shopping. It’s got to be one of the most frustrating chores known to womankind.

 It’s why most women have a drawer full of bras and not one fits the way she’d like it to. The reality is that no woman was made to fit in the box that is standard bra sizing. We all have different aspirations, goals, and passions, so why would our body’s be the same? They’re not. A woman’s body is a one of a kind — as should be her bra.

At Belle Lacet Lingerie, it is our goal to empower women to embrace their beauty. That is why our luxury lingerie boutique carries over 160 sizes ranging in cup size A to K and bands that go up to size 50. That many sizes may sound like an overextended stay in a dressing room but that’s where we come in. We’ve put in the work to become bra fitting experts so that we can quickly and efficiently find you the perfect bra.

Whether you use our handy online sizing guide to shop online, or come visit our luxury lingerie boutique for an in-person fitting, we’re confident that you’ll finally find a bra that meets all of your expectations.

Along with bras, we carry a wide assortment of underwear, sleepwear, corsets, shape-wear, and much more! Whatever the occasion, whatever the size, Belle Lacet Lingerie is your go-to for all things lingerie. Shop online or visit our Chandler store today!

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Belle specializes in hard to find bra sizes. With an eye for gorgeous lingerie and fun positive attitudes, we’ve got your front!  

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We employ professional bra fitters. If you’ve never had a professional fitting stop into our luxury lingerie boutique and see us. We do them free for our customers.

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