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Welcome to Belle Lacet Lingerie

Welcome to Belle Lacet Lingerie, where empowering women and celebrating beauty in every size is at the heart of everything we do. Located in Phoenix and Gilbert, Arizona, and available online, our boutiques are sanctuaries for women seeking confidence, comfort, and style. Belle Lacet is not just a lingerie store; it's a place where the art of perfect fit meets the elegance of global design. Our founder, Karla Youmans, personally selects every piece, ensuring our collections offer unparalleled quality and uniqueness. From everyday essentials to luxurious specialty items, our extensive range from over dozens of world-class vendors caters to every body type, with sizes from A to K cups and bands up to 50. Dive into our world of exquisite lingerie and discover how we prioritize your needs, embracing every woman’s right to feel pampered, confident, and beautiful.

Bra Fitting


No? That’s not a surprise. How many times have you heard a friend say something like “I hate bras!” or “I never wear them” or “I only wear sports bras”. When you get to the source of their anger it turns out that their bra had been bothering them all day long. Who wouldn’t be cranky? It’s a fact and it’s a problem with a simple solution. Yes, the answer is Belle Lacet Lingerie; a cute little lingerie boutique in Chandler Arizona owned an operated by me, Karla Youmans.

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Has it been longer than six months? Has been ever? It’s just one of those things. Do you shop for jeans without trying them on? Bra and jean shopping are pretty similar in that they can both be a challenge. It’s due to the fact that most brands and styles all fit differently.

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Ideally it is best to have someone do this for you as it is hard to measure yourself. If you don’t have someone to help you, do this in front of a mirror. Before you start, make sure you are in an unlined bra. Wearing a compression sports bra, a minimizer or padded bra will not give you the best measurements. When putting the bra on, make sure the band of your bra is parallel with the floor.

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Elegance Molded Underwire Bra by Panache at Belle Lacet Lingerie

Gift Certificates

"Besides your affection, there's perhaps no greater gesture than the gift of perfectly fitting lingerie!

A well-fitting bra is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a confidence booster, a comfort provider, and a symbol of care and thoughtfulness.

A perfectly fitting bra not only improves physical comfort but also contributes to mental well-being, confidence, and overall quality of life. It offers all day support so you can move freely and confidently.

Gift card denominations ranging from $25 to $500 allow for the opportunity to choose the lingerie that speaks to her style and preferences.

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Karla on Arizona Midday

Karla recently joined Vanessa Ramirez host of 'Arizona Midday' on 12 News in Phoenix for some Mother's Day bra talk!