Belle Lacet Rewards

When you shop at Belle Lacet you earn .50 for every dollar spent in store. Plus, when you sign up you earn 200 points automatically. Enter your birthday and you’ll not only earn more points just for doing so but you’ll get a points reward to use on your special day.


If you’ve never had a professional fitting we encourage you to do that before ordering online. At Belle Lacet we use the UK sizing chart since most of our lingerie comes from Europe and the UK. If you are comfortable with your size. Please enjoy free shipping on all orders over $80. If you have questions or need help don’t hesitate to contact us at the store or on social media (We are @BelleLacet on Instagramfacebook and Twitter)

One of the great things about shopping with a local boutique like Belle Lacet is the personal attention you get. When you come in for fitting we go over everything with you in great detail. Special attention is paid to making sure you get the right fit. We have all types of bras so we don’t push you into a style or brand. We’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you need. Whether you’re shopping for style or comfort we will have you looking and feeling sensational.

Quick, what size is the bra you’re wearing right now? If you know the answer you are in the minority. Another Reward most of our customers enjoy is the fact that we keep your bra size on file in our system. It makes reordering simple. Plus, it makes it super easy for others to shop for you