Truth in Bra Fitting

Elomi Cate Underwire Full Cup Banded Bra el4030 at Belle Lacet Lingerie.


No? That’s not a surprise. How many times have you heard a friend say something like “I hate bras!” or “I never wear them” or “I only wear sports bras”. When you get to the source of their anger it turns out that their bra had been bothering them all day long. Who wouldn’t be cranky? It’s a fact and it’s a problem with a simple solution. Yes, the answer is Belle Lacet Lingerie; a cute little lingerie boutique in Chandler Arizona owned an operated by me, Karla Youmans.

Most women hate their bra because they aren’t wearing the right size or have not had a professional bra fitting. A whopping 84% of us are wearing the wrong size and we do it because bra shopping sucks. I’ve been to several places in various cities to bra shop and if you don’t seek out a local boutique it truly sucks.

We want to change the way you think about bras

I’m on a mission, with other small business owners all across the U.S. to change that. Here’s what happens. We get fed up with our bra situation and without realizing it we go straight to the problem. We pop into the nearest big box retailer and what we find is a poor selection, bad customer service and little to no assistance. They don’t hire and train professional bra fitting specialists. Plus, some of them have departmental sales quotas and when you do find a helpful person they focus on getting you into something they have in stock. I could go on all day with the perils of big box shopping but you know, you’ve been there. You wind up leaving with something you don’t love but it was the lesser of two evils.

Some people avoid going out at all and just shop online. How did that work out for you? Depending on your size it may have worked out fine. If you are in need small or full-busted bras, I doubt there’s a happy ending here. Did you try the online fitting calculator? If you are happy with the experience how many bras did you have to buy and return before you found something that fit? Did they have it in stock when you reordered? Don’t get me wrong. There are lots of positives to online shopping but it’s not for everyone. Many times we do it because we don’t want to go through the hassle of shopping at a store. (See paragraph two)

We want to change the way you think about bras. It’s been our mission since we opened in 2011 and stayed open during the most horrible year of 2020. Every woman of every size deserves a bra that fits well and feels good. Imagine a bra that is so comfortable you actually forget you’re wearing it. Now imagine that bra has an underwire. They do exist and we have them in stock, in both small and full-busted bra sizes. Don’t worry, we also have every other type of bra. Our goal is to provide a stress free shopping experience. We have hundreds of sizes and lots of different vendors to choose from so there no pushing you into a particular brand. We have lots to choose from. In short Belle Lacet is a place where you will find all the resources you need for the best fit, the perfect size, stress free shopping and advice on lingerie care.


Has it been longer than six months? Has been ever? It’s just one of those things. Do you shop for jeans without trying them on? Bra and jean shopping are pretty similar in that they can both be a challenge. It’s due to the fact that most brands and styles all fit differently.

We’ve even seen colors change the fit of a bra. I know, crazy, but it happens. We have so many things to worry about but do yourself a favor and try to get a bra fitting every six months. We offer professional bra fitting for free at Belle Lacet so pop in anytime. We’ve done thousands so if you’re in a hurry it can be done in just a few minutes. Or take your time and enjoy the experience. WARNING: You’ll probably cry. So many of our customers have been wearing the wrong size bra for so long that they didn’t know how good it could feel. Our professional bra fitting is absolutely life changing and can be done in less than an hour. So if you walk into Belle Lacet and you see us crying don’t worry, those are tears of joy. Mission accomplished.