Bra Fitting FAQ

In a typical bra fitting, a Belle Lacet bra fitting specialist (or bra fitter) measures you to determine your unique bra size. She will then hand pick some new bras for you to try on. All bra fittings take place in the dressing room. Your fit specialist will only enter and exit the dressing room when you say it’s o.k. to do so. We want you to be totally comfortable with the process. During the measurement process she will take two measurements. One is the underbust and the other is the overbust. These will be used calculated along with some experience and vendor knowledge to determine your true bra size.

Since it’s not an exact science and sizes very by vendor you may have you try on a few different styles.  Check the fit of each bra to see if you’re comfortable.

Most fittings only take a few minutes. Let you fitter know if you are in a hurry or not so things go according to your plan. Bra fittings take on average twenty to thirty minutes. It all depends on how many bras you choose to try on. Many women are surprised by the variety of bras we have available in your size so have fun with it!

Our bodies change especially if you’re pregnant, dieting or working out but the main warning sign is pain. If you’re having any discomfort or find that your bras aren’t fitting perfectly then it’s time for a bra fitting. If you find you are just putting up with a situation that’s bothered you all your life. Come see us. We can help you. How old are your bras? If they’re older than six months you may be due for a new fitting.

It used to be a flat NO but Covid-19 has forced a few changes. It’s not mandatory to book an appointment but to receive priority, especially during busy times, it’s a good idea to book one. However, we are now open regular hours so just pop in or call us and we’ll update you on availability.

At Belle Lacet we pride ourselves on the quality of bras we sell so with proper care they can last six months to two years. As a rule we suggest coming in every six months or so for a fitting especially if you wear the same one or two bras every day. Tip: Add another bra to your existing wardrobe and rotate them. It’ll extend their lives. I know…easy for us to say 🙂 but it’s true.

Most of this is based on your lifestyle. These days it’s all about being comfortable at home but the rule of rotation still applies to making your bras last. Most women have six to eight bras in their drawer. Two to three for everyday use at least one or two bralettes, a decent sports bra, a strapless bra and at least one sexy or beauty bra with a matching panty. You know the one that makes you feel amazing!

Sister sizing is the companion size to the bra you are currently wearing. It’s primarily based on cup volume. The cup size and the band are adjusted to give you the same fit in a different style bra.

Sometimes the size you need isn’t available so a companion size can be used. Or, suppose the bra size you normally wear fits fine in the cup, but it doesn’t fit right in the band. Since a bra sister size matches your bra size with the closest bra size in cup volume, you can easily change the fit of the band with a bra sister size. Different vendors and fabrics can affect size as well. For example a bra with a sturdy power mesh band will fit more snug than a stretchy microfiber band. Utilizing the bra sister size helps to compensate for this.

The truth is, every lingerie brand fits differently and there are a number of reasons for this. Size is just one of the many components that make up a quality bra and size is calculated differently in different parts of the world. Most of the bras we carry at Belle Lacet Lingerie come from Europe. Think of your bra size as more of a guide than a rule and try not to get misled by the numbers on the tag. It’s another reason to have a bra fitter you trust and why shopping at at Boutique store is so much better in the long run that the big box retailers.