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What is Sexy?

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Belle Lacet Shopping Guide to better self-confidence through Sexy Lingerie

What is your idea of looking sexy? Is it a hot fit dress and pencil heels? Is that where it ends; Leaving whatever’s underneath out of the equation? Or, are you more of a girl who wouldn’t leave home without sexy lace underwear, or a matching bra and panty? Most women get an immediate boost of self-confidence when they wear full-on sexy lingerie underneath their formal work attire. There are scientific theories about this. Hey, it’s science, so there is surely something to it, right?

Sexy playful lingerie doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult to put on or uncomfortable; it’s all about finding the right fit, and when you do, you’ll want to wear it every day. There are tons of different lingerie and bra styles that you can pick from depending on your preferred comfort and sex appeal level and your breast size. However, the latter shouldn’t limit your choice, at Belle Lacet, we have got it all.

Ready to set your lingerie wardrobe on fire? Here is our guide to buying sexy playful lingerie.

1. Accentuate your curves

All body shapes are beautiful – the deal is discovering how to play up yours. Lingerie is all about flaunting your intimate curves and contouring your less-than-favorite areas. If you’re self-conscious about your stomach, try a full-coverage garter or a High-Waist Brief . Want to play up your hips? The Hipster will hug every curve beautifully. You might also want to have a look at the corsets to steal the seductive spotlight. For a classic look try a babydoll. They can be sexy as well as comfortable.

2.  Find your perfect fit

Most women are unsure of their bra size. It might be a good approach to get a professional bra fitting. If you’re shopping for sexy lingerie at Belle Lacet lingerie boutique, a bra fitter will help find your bra size and handpick lingerie for you – so you won’t need to try on a crowd of bras and panties before finding the perfect one. Moreover, professional bra fitters know where and which one is best for you and they’ll make recommendations for the sexiest and most flattering lingerie based on your bra size, favorite colors, and style preferences. Hot, sexy, Perfect!

3. Play with colors

Do you usually wear black, white or nude-toned lingerie? You wouldn’t be alone. Those are our go-to preferences. Who doesn’t look great in a black Teddy? However, sexy lingerie is the perfect excuse to play with colors. Try the red corset or bodysuit. You might be surprised. Jewel tones, pastels, and bold, bright colors are on-trend right now and they are all great choices. Don’t worry about getting one or two wears out of a colorful bra – they’re truly more versatile than you’d think. We love bras like the Freya Soiree Lace White High Apex Bra that you can wear during the day under most outfits. Most of our plunge bras are the perfect sexy wear.

4. Go for lace

Lace is the best friend of a sexy lingerie set. Sheer lacy bras like ENVY in a fun summer Ultra Marine color, or MINX Unlined Balconette bra or even the Brooklyn Plunge T-Shirt Bra are all irresistibly seductive. If you’re feeling especially daring, try something like this Lace and Mesh Cut-Out Teddy. Lacey or strappy bras look great under tops and dresses so that you get extra distance out of your beautiful lingerie every day.

5. Buy what makes you face your fierce beauty

Whether you’re buying sexy lingerie for yourself or to wear for your partner, only buy lingerie that makes you feel amazing. You’ll feel so much more confident if you wear lingerie you love. Whether it shows or not, wear your new lingerie with confidence.

Don’t be afraid to wear your sexy lingerie during the week under a favorite top. Lingerie that shows or is worn as outer-wear is the subject for another blog but the bottom line is every woman deserves to feel beautiful – whatever that means to you. Save your sexy, slutty lingerie for a special occasion or rock it whenever you feel the need for confidence boost!

It’s astonishing how empowering lingerie is. Sexy lingerie can be worn whenever, wherever, and for whomever you want – How sexy is that!

Image for the Belle Lacet Blog: What is Sexy?
What is Sexy? The Belle Lacet Shopping Guide to Better Self-Confidence Through Sexy Lingerie