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Give Her the Gift of Comfort

Bras on the Wall at Belle Lacet Lingerie

So you decide to go bra shopping for yourself and find the most beautiful and stunning bra you’ve ever seen in your entire existence.

There it is, a red balconette with black lace trim weaving throughout. It glistens with the most diminutive of black rhinestones, because why not? The inner cup is as smooth and fine as silk. The price is exactly right. So, you look at it, gently at first, trying to find your exact size while visualizing yourself wearing this dream bra wherever you go. Your eyes roll a little more swiftly, searching the sizes…30B… 32B… 32D… 34A… 36C…you might have missed it. That’s what you believe, and obsessively go back and forth again through all the available sizes. However, no matter how laboriously you look for it, the one size you are looking for, the one that fits you like a dream, is not available. Well, don’t give up just yet!

“Every woman deserves a bra that fits”

We believe every woman of every size deserves to look and feel wonderful and pretty in and out. Each of us deserves a bra that fits. We cater to every size and fit. The idea of one ideal body type or size is a fantasy and simply doesn’t exist. We aim at redefining what “fit bras” and “lingerie” really are.

Give yourself and/or your Momma Darling a gift of comfort. We have no doubt that you will be brainstorming the perfect gift for the woman who has always given you unconditional and angelic love all her life. After all, isn’t the day all about the celebration of persistent and continuous love, sacrifice and affection that she has been showering you with? Think about the number of times our moms have gone out of the way to make us feel special.

We think spending quality time with her on Mothers Day, or just letting her know that you have got her back is immensely significant. So, giving her the love and comfort that she deserves by going bra shopping with her isn’t a bad choice. While you have known her forever and she has raised you with the finest of skills and affection, she might also have been wearing a bra that is not her best fit. At Belle Lacet Lingerie, we are here to help you thank mom by giving her the comfort she deserves with quality, comfortable bras that fit like a dream.

What you are looking for exists

Whatever the occasion, it’s time to bring in the extravagance of celebrations through gorgeous new bras, lingeries and shimmering adornments. We’ll all be busy showering our love for our mums. So, what better time to add a touch of luxe and comfort to your life? Combine the love for luxurious pieces and convenience by bringing in a bra that is glamorous yet fits her perfect.

Intimates are the most personal pieces in a woman’s life and it’s pivotal to get the right ones. We specialize in hard-to-find bra sizes, including plus size bras, in cup sizes A to K and bands up to 50. Our bras complement your curves without forfeiting comfort, so you and your momma darling will get what’s perfect.

Celebrate with Luxury and style

We all love our Moms. Everything she does for us is laced with the best intentions and she’s a constant source of love and care. Her love has shaped us in lasting ways and is deserving of the utmost appreciation. Whatever the gift is, she deserves something as stylish, extraordinary, and unique as the child she raised! French fashion is defined by a seamless intersection of femininity and luxury. Above all, the refined taste of the French is what inspires us to create the most beautiful lingerie for women of all sizes ( from petite to full-busted ). With Belle Lacet Lingerie, you both get a life-changing experience.

Because the queen deserves the best

Our mothers have been someone who has never complained about our faults but yet promoted our self-worth into wonderful adults. Her constant love and persistence deserve the best, and so does the queen she raised. Every item at Belle Lacet is handpicked by its owner, and selected for its quality, uniqueness, beauty and design. What you get here is the finest and perfect for you and your body.

As you head out to shop for the perfect bra of dreams, we ensure you a hundred per cent attention and satisfaction. We extend our hands to express our gratitude to the woman who has nurtured us to become the beautiful people we are.

Belle Lacet Lingerie in the Shoppes at Casa Paloma.