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Bra Style Guide: Understanding the Different Types of Bras

Bra Style Guide: Understanding the Different Types of Bra
Bra Style Guide: Understanding the Different Types of Bra. Which type is right for you?

Welcome to the Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide: Understanding the Different Types and styles of Bra. Ask any woman who has had their bra professionally sized, and they will tell you, “The right fit can make all the difference.” We at Belle Lacet Lingerie specialize in hard-to-find bra sizes. Check out our beautiful intimate apparel!
However, the right cup and bust sizes aren’t the only important determinants while choosing a bra.

So, you will find a whole LOT of different bra types out there in the market. But the question that arises in your mind is what’s the difference and how does it even matter? Entangled amid a plunge or a balconette? Can’t come up with a choice between a wired or non-wired one? Well, you’ve come to the right place. After giving this blog a read, you’ll never have to guess which bra is the best match for your needs.

Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide. Love Note High Apex Underwire Bra from Freya at Belle Lacet Lingerie
Love Note Underwire

All underwire bras have a sturdy wire that sits beneath your bustline to uplift and support your breasts. With its support, your breasts are less prone to sag. A properly fit underwire bra relieves pressure on your shoulders and back. Additionally, you will see immediate improvements in your posture.

Underwires are amazingly convenient and comfortable if you have been wearing the fitting size and correct style for your body. So that’s why professional fittings periodically are essential. Comfortable underwire bras even offer an extra lift to reduce stress on other areas of your body. Looking for a supportive underwire bra, try The Nicole See-Thru Underwire Bra.

Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide. Royce Maisie Wireless Cotton Bra 1091 at Belle Lacet Lingerie
Maisie Wireless Cotton

By contrast, wireless bras are without a wire in the band. Belle Lacet wire-free bras have built-in support in the bands and variants come up with inner lining. We understand how women with larger breasts look for wireless options. The ideally comfortable fit of our support bands assists in limit shifting, chafing, or bounce. A supporting wireless band is particularly significant for sports bras, snooze bras, and ease bras. Whether you wear a sports bra or a nursing sports bra, a secure band and stretchy flex-fit materials will keep you comfy, subtle, and strengthened all day long.

Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide. Parfait Aline T-Shirt Bra P5251 at Belle Lacet Lingerie
Aline T-Shirt

A T-Shirt Bra is a MUST Have in every woman’s dresser. They are magically seamless with molded cups so they provide a uniform look, which makes it ideal under any fitted attire.  They are available in a diversity of patterns, to suit individual tastes. Above all, don’t be fooled by color, especially if you like red. Surprisingly red colored bras are actually invisible under white and there’s science to prove it! Our customers call these ‘the perfect shapewear for boobies‘ as they give a sleek, neat line and contribute excellent lift and support. Check them out here!

Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide. Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette | NSN1310
Curvy Sweetie Bralette

A Bralette is a beautiful amalgamation of a bra and any crop top. We craft them with pretty fascinating laces and curated in sexy-sensual fashions. Bralettes come up as padded or non-padded and wired or non-wired which makes them oh-so-comfortable and snuggly. They consist of a longline design that continues towards your upper waistline and delivers as a wearable like outerwear too.

BRIANNA Plunge Bra from Elomi at Belle Lacet Lingerie.
Brianna Plunge

A plunge bra has cups that are low cut making them ideal for items of clothing with low place necklines. These bras are also available with padding, providing a certain degree of lift and contouring to your bust. The cups match the natural shape of the breasts and give sufficient support for the large cup sizes. At the same time, the deep V-line style outlines your curves wonderfully and makes you feel fearless. Discover all of our plunge bras at

The Little Bra Company Sascha Smooth Strapless Bra F001S at Belle Lacet Lingerie
Sascha Push-Up

Even though enhancing your cleavage is what a push-up bra does best, the pros don’t simply finish there. Created in a broad variety of styles using a spectrum of materials, push-up bras are super-adaptable, making them perfect for every day-to-evening wear. They include padded, angled cups that not only bring boobies closer together for a lifted appearance but also provide added support which results in enhanced overall posture. Flattering, figure-enhancing — because why not?

Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide. Marlies Dekkers Space Odyssey Balcony bra 17151 in camel at Belle Lacet Lingerie.
Marlies Dekkers Balcony bra

A balconette, or a ‘balcony’ bra, is one of the sexiest bra types one can opt for. As the name suggests, it is intended with a ‘balcony-like’ neckline to cup and support your breasts from below while raising them up for a secure and rounded look from above. With them, you can then opt for molded cups, underwiring and even multi-way or detachable straps. Check them out here!

Panache Ultimate Max Control Sports Bra at Belle Lacet Lingerie
Ultimate Max Control Sports

Sports Bras are designed to do a very specific job, to hold your breasts and support them during physical exercises. So, they reduce bounce by a significant amount and are made of special breathable fabric to keep you supported and comfortable. If you engage in any sport or intense physical activity then a good sports bra is a great choice.

Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide. Nursing Bra Sample
Underwire Nursing Bra

Discomfort of your every day, pre-pregnancy bra comes quickly when you are pregnant or nursing. Your once favorite lace bras might not fit well and irritate. Nursing or maternity bras are designed for motherhood.

Regular bras do not have the potential to accommodate modifications that occur to your breasts while expecting and breastfeeding.  All maternity and nursing bras are designed to provide extra support while being soft and breathable. Blossom is triple a cup sized bra, designed to fit and support mothers all the way through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide. SELENA Underwire Bra from Rosa Faia at Belle Lacet Lingerie.
SELENA Full Coverage Bra

With function to support and give comfort all day long, full coverage bras offer more coverage for the top of the breast. In contrast, having cups that cover half the breasts, the demi-cup bra provides a natural look to your bust. They also contribute a raise to your bust and accentuate your cleavage.

What’s not to love? Right?

Thank you for reading the Belle Lacet Lingerie Bra Style Guide. Understanding the Different Types of Bra. We are always happy to answer your questions.