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Bra Recycling

A look at the people and the Bra Recycling process.

Bra recycling at Belle Lacet Lingerie in Chandler AZ
Helping women in need

When it comes to bra recycling there is truly power in numbers. The impact that can be made by determined individuals impassioned to pay goodness forward is monumental. The simple act of recycling used bras can be life changing. For instance, here is a message sent to The Bra Recyclers that hit home for us at Belle Lacet

“…We have a 6th Grade girl who is in desperate need of a bra. Unfortunately, she cannot wear just any bra. She has huge breasts that hang to her belly...We are a nonprofit public middle school. We would be so thankful for any help or direction that you could give us to help out this young girl...”

 Thank you in advance!

Let’s take a moment to focus on the recycling process. Additionally, we would like to introduce you to the people behind the scenes that are working so hard to change lives.

We accept new and used bra donations all year but we designate October as Bra Recycling Month. When you donate your bras at Belle Lacet Lingerie during October, we offer a 15% discount towards your next purchase. It’s our way of saying thank you for contributing to such a profound cause.

So what happens when you donate a bra or other clothing item?

They are turned over to The Bra Recyclers; An influential social enterprise founded on the principle of encouraging our community to reduce waste by donating pre-loved bras. In other words, The Bra Recyclers take reusable bras and deliver them to women and girls around the world who are in need.

These women are escaping domestic violence situations, human trafficking, teenage pregnancy (the demand for nursing bras is particularly high) or battling breast cancer.

In 2008 The Bra Recyclers movement began.

We spoke with Elaine Birks-Mitchell, the co-founder (alongside Johnny Mitchell, Jr) and soul of The Bra Recyclers, about the spirited effort they’ve made to become a model for nobility by rallying around those in difficult situations. In 2008 they started The Bra Recyclers movement. Elaine Birks wanted to find the solution to significant problem that struck a chord in her. She was troubled by the amount of women transitioning out of homelessness who needed bras.

Recycling bras with Elaine Birks of The Bra Recyclers.
Recycling Changes Lives

Assisting homeless women branched a partnership with rehabilitation organizations for women affected by breast cancer. After that, well the rest is history. Similarly, the Bra Recyclers have now taken on textile recycling. They collaborate with organizations to salvage excess inventory and other consumer goods. It’s all about giving a variety of materials new life and keeping textiles out of the landfill. Additionally, they have begun plans to accept men’s undergarments for donation as well, expanding the company’s overall reach substantially.

Birks encourages anyone driven to take part in helping people to start within their own community. Every flower blooms from a tiny bud. When one domino falls, more follow behind it, creating a ripple across the world. To consider different perspectives, direct exposure to lifestyles and cultures unlike our own is crucial.

Education and empathy is at the root of bringing upon change. In conclusion, With The Bra Recyclers, Birks is creating a legacy of infectious generosity. She hopes people find ways to connect on deeper levels about how we can come together in building a more loving universe for future generations and beyond. It’s never too late to make a difference.